The Fine Art of Flirting – Yes, you can

Flirting is pretty easy – if you know how. There are few, but very important components to this fine art.

Compliment: Pick something you genuinely like about them – anything – and tell them. For example, “That’s a great tie – where did you buy it?”

Ask the question, but truly listen to the answer. Look the person in the eyes and show them you are interested in what they have to say. Then, ask another question – just don’t ask 20!

Confidence: If you approach flirting with a no-strings-attached attitude, you’ll exude confidence. You’re not desperate for a date and you’re not looking to marry this person, you’re simply looking to interact. Take on this attitude and the pressure will come off.

Relax and enjoy yourself. Start slow – promise yourself you’ll make one or two contacts each time you go out. Try it at the grocery store, when pumping gas, at a red light – whenever, wherever. After the first few tries, you’ll be flirting everywhere you go and people will see you as self-assured and someone they should get to know!

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