The Creepy Cigarette Voyeur

I worked at a cigarette store in California, we had some strange people come in but sometimes we would get ones that were normal… so I thought. A regular customer of mine had been asking me out for months and he seemed nice enough so finally I gave in. We had originally ‘met’ online right when I started working at the cigarette store. I was always cautious so I decided to meet him instead of riding with him anywhere. We met at a restaurant and decided to eat out on the patio. Here is where he got a little strange…. first he gives me a pack of cigarettes, the brand name was ‘Eve’ (my name is Eve so I thought at first that it was a cute gesture) then he asks me to smoke one… in a strange creepy way. Once I start smoking everything gets really strange- he leans back in his chair and is watching me smoke as if it were a porn movie!

I had ordered a coffee, got it sweetened and tasted it, it was perfect when I tasted it- before the whole ‘smoking’ thing. About half way through the cigarette I am truly creeped out and decide to go to the bathroom to call a friend for some advice. My friend thought it was hilarious and told me just to be careful and not go anywhere alone with him, but to get a free meal out of the deal if I could handle it. So I returned to the table and he gives me another cigarette, I was young so I just went with it, at this point it was kind of funny- I had NEVER been in this type of situation so I decided to take it as ‘experience’ and have fun…

But then I took a drink of my coffee, unfortunately a pretty big one because I was nervous, immediately I noticed it tasted different, and glancing over at him as casually as I could after drinking it I could tell immediately that he had put something in it. Not so fun anymore. I sat for a few minutes as to not look obvious, even ‘fake’ sipping the coffee (I have seen enough lifetime movies to know that when a creep feels caught things can get scary!) Then I tell him I need to visit the bathroom again, making it a joke like I drank too much coffee so he wouldn’t know anything was up.

I go inside and find our waiter, and pull him off to the side, telling him the situation, and asked if there was a back way out of the place, I needed to go- and now! He gave me directions to the kitchen and had another waiter escort me to the car while he went out to our table to distract the guy while I left. I left out the back and hauled butt to my friends house, luckily it was only a few minutes away because by the time I got there I was VERY woozy. After convincing my friend I did not need a hospital we laid down and watched a movie so I could fall asleep and sleep it off, knowing it was probably the date rape drug or something.

Looking back I regret that I did not call the police from the restaurant, to get him off the streets, but I was young and din’t think about that- I just wanted out of there. Thankfully I never heard from him again, and the security at the plaza where I work were friends so I told them about the man, showed them his online picture and for the next few months one of them were always near or in the store and always walked me to my car. The creep probably found me on the dating site when I added my employment to my profile, being that he had a ‘smoking fetish’ he must have searched me out. The whole night could have ended much worse, I thank goodness that I was warned of all the crazies in California and took precautions when I did date people, no matter where I met them.

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