Guidelines for Story Submissions

Internet Dating Tales is devoted to the fun, rewarding, but often bizarre world of on-line dating.  We collect funny and strange stories from contributors around the world and share them with our readers.  We hope our funny online dating stories bring a smile to your face and you will let others know about us.  We also encourage you to share your own on line dating stories with us. Please use the following guidelines:

Anonymity: This is the most important thing to keep in mind. Please don’t include any real names, usernames, cities, places, etc. that could result in the identification of either you or the person you’re referring to.

Profanity and Sexually Explicit Content: While we have nothing against such material, we ask that your stories not exceed an “R” rating. If you get too explicit, we’ll have to edit your story or exclude it.

Story Length: We suggest a story length of 500 to 700 words, but we do not limit the length. We’ll publish your novel if it’s a good story!

Editing: We suggest you write your online dating story using the word processing program you’re used to. Then copy and paste it into the Story Submission Form. Please be advised that we may edit your story for length and appropriate content.

Privacy and Contact Info: Though it’s not required to submit your story, we would like you to provide us with your email address. Rest assured, your email address will not be published on our site or provided to anyone else.

Internet Dating Story Themes

We’ve divided our Internet dating stories into the following themes. If none of these match your story, then submit it under “More“.
Advice: Have some words of wisdom for our readers? Please feel free to share your advice. Bad Break-ups: So things didn’t work out…it’s a shame, but what’s worse was the way it was handled!
Cyber Stalkers: Some people just don’t know when to back off! Disappearing Acts: Do you have some ‘creative’ ways to bug out early on a first date? Or been surprised to hear from someone you thought dropped off the face of the earth?
Fatal Attractions: It’s no wonder why this is the worst date movie of all time…but have you had your own “Fatal” experience you’d like to share? Just Plain Weird! Sometimes there’s no other way to describe some people’s behavior…
Misrepresentations: Their picture or how they described themselves did not match the real person. Pick Up Lines: Some ‘lines’ are so ridiculous you gotta ask, “Has that EVER worked for you?”
Ridiculous Rendezvous: Didn’t pick the ‘ideal’ place to meet? Sometimes even hooking up with a person you’ve never met can be a challenge. Strange Encounters: Tell us about the time you left your ‘date’ thinking, “That was about the strangest situation I’ve ever been in!”
The Nerve! Don’t even try to figure out where some people get the nerve to do the things they do…just tell us all about it! More: Can’t decide where your story fits, then use our miscellaneous category.

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