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I met a guy online I’ll call Danny. He said he was the manager of an auto dealership and we talked for over a month daily on the net and on the phone. He was from a few towns away and I felt very comfortable talking to him.

He picked me up one hour LATE for our date with no phone call that he was running late or explanation except that it was snowing lightly but this is the northeast and people are used to that here. Anyway he could have called.

He exclaimed ‘what a beautiful house! I wouldn’t mind living in a house like that! I was homeless until two days ago when I got one room downtown.” I asked him if he were working as the manager of the auto dealership for over a year like he said he was. He said “no” and he was sorry he lied about that but he was embarrassed to say he was talking to me from the library in the city and that he slept in his car. He was also embarrassed to tell me that he was unemployed until a week earlier when he got a job at one of the car washes in the city as an attendant.

I was livid because he lied. He kept saying how beautiful my home was and how he wouldn’t mind living there. We went to Denny’s and I felt guilty ordering a 99 cent Caesar Salad to go along with my $4 entrée! I offered to pay for my own dinner and he refused to let me. All he could keep saying was how beautiful my house was and how he wouldn’t mind living there.

I ended the date rather abruptly and decided it was time to call it quits. I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings so I do whatever I can to avoid doing that but this was ridiculous! He drove me home – reached over to kiss me but I was out of the car before he could. He hopped out and tried to grab me but slipped backward and fell in a snow pile. Goodbye to a man who saw me as a meal ticket.

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