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I not sure where to begin. I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 6’3″ athletic lt. brown hair, blue eyes. The ladies in the office say I’m cute, smart, funny and wonder why I do not have a significant other. I met HER through work. At first everything was great. We clicked on so many levels. We became good friends, and eventually the L word was mutually mentioned by both parties. Little did I know HELL was just around the corner. It happened the first month after we really got serious. She got really quiet for a week. I asked her what was wrong. She replied she was just tired. Two days into the week I asked her what was wrong again. Nothing she replied. I joked with her about wearing tight pants so she could check out my butt. Next thing I know she wouldn’t\’t even look at me. Four days later, she talks to me again, saying that she has really bad PMS, and during that time she thought I was conceited, and actually thought I stared at my ass in a mirror, until she told her mother, and her mother laughed at her. Everything returned to normal, for 4 weeks. It was Easter time, and I was to meet her family. The Friday before Easter she was really loving, I met her son who was home from Delaware. Saturday morning I could not wake her up for anything, she just pulled the blankets over her head. I thought time to get out of dodge. So I went home. Sunday I show up at her house, she had no issue with me coming to her house early, and I thought I could talk to her son and get to know him, or so I thought. She comes home, and has a hard time parking. The rest of the day at her parents house she was very stand offish to me. We get home, she is pissed at me for joking with her. I apology, and explain that I have a bad habit of making jokes when I\’m nervous. Meeting the parents is nerve racking. She forgives me, or so I thought. I email her that meet, and once again she emails me back saying that she loved me, and has a low self-esteem, so she doesn’t take to joking to well.

I tell her I love her back, and that we can work on our issues together, she agrees. Next day, nothing, no contact what so ever. Tuesday she blasts me, I\’m a smartass, I can not be trusted, I\’m disrespectful, and we are done. After she had forgiven me not once but twice. After 5 days of pure hell and ass kissing, I get her to admit she was being a bit heavyhanded about the whole thing, and after all if she does not tell me she is having an issue with the things I do, then I will not stop doing them. How would I know??? She tells me that I have done nothing wrong that it is all her, and her PMS. Things are okay for 3 more weeks, once again we are doing great. I took her to philly to see her son, on Sunday, Monday night we are talking about seeing a seether concert, and seeing her other son graduate down in Dover in June. She had invited me down previously. Monday night I bought the seether tickets, without her ok. She didn’t want to go so she could save her vacation days for her sons graduation. I told her no problem, I will give the tickets to someone else. A co-worker is getting married in may, I asked her if she wanted to go twice, she said I may not want to go. I haven’t mentioned it since. I took four days off to go to Dover without her firming up the plans, now mind you she invited me, and I have to schedule my days off ahead of time due to company policy. I offered to pay for the hotel room, I have said I didn’t care if it was a day trip, two days, a week, or if she decided not to take me at all. Tuesday night I get I am pushy, and Wednesday I get the we are done once again. okay I stop talking to her. Friday I had enough, I tried to explain to her that I am not being pushy, I am trying to plans activities with her, and that I have never forced her to do anything that she did not want to do. Which she has always agreed to that I have never forced her to do anything. I have always told her it is not a problem and that !

Saying no is okay for everything. Friday, she calls me and asks who invited me to Dover, I tell her that she did, she asks when, I tell her. She tells me that if she wants anything that she will contact me. Fast forward to next Wednesday. She IMs me at work about some clothes I ordered for her. Where are they??? Are you holding them until I pay you??? Is this some sort of game??? I told her that I was afraid to talk to her, and pointed out that she didn’t want me to talk to her. Why did you have them shipped to your house??? Are you afraid I’m going to steal your money??? No, I had them shipped there so the credit card company wouldn’t have a problem. The items are in, would you like me to bring them in tomorrow??? YES. Once again, that night I email her, trying to defend myself. She writes back, I never loved you and we were never exclusively dating. I tell lots of people I love them. (I have only heard her say it to Me, her sons, and her parents) We want different things, you are too obsessed over my flaws, I am prefect happy not having a significant other. blah blah blah, did not contact me again or there will be trouble. I want us to just be friends, you are not the type of person I want to marry/live with. DO not make trouble for yourself. I write back, I thank you for your candor, but when you date someone and tell them that you love them the number of times you have, they are going to get the wrong impression, I suggest you put more value on the word, I do not use it lightly, and I do love you not that it matters now. You knew I wanted a relationship, so did you just use me. I have not forced you to do anything, and will not force you into a relationship. I do not want to be your friend as you have said some very nasty to me and about me. It is your choice to have meaningless relationships the rest of your life. I hope you don’t mind if I pray for you now and again, and I hope you never wind up alone. Please leave me alone, and stay away from me because it would cause great discomfort in me to be around you.

Wish you the best good bye

Here I find out she is telling the whole office details of our relationship the entire time, including things that irritate her. I found out she was upset she didn’t meet my parents. This was a week or two after the first breakup….WTF. She thought I was pushy. This is all stuff I needed to know. She talked to everyone but the one person she needed to. ME!!!!!

My friends at work, and co-workers have been great and understanding in helping me through this. They are a great group of people, the best I have ever worked with. I count myself blessed to know them. I am doing okay. I was bummed out at first, its natural, but she did me a favor, I\’m the type of guy who would have stuck it out to the end, and been miserable, going through this each month, or having to ask other people what I am doing wrong this week. Just incredible. I am still shocked.

Thanks for listening

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