Mediterranean = African American?

I had been talking to a man on the net for three hours one early evening and it was now 8 pm. He asked me if had eaten dinner yet and I said no. He was from a town 45 minutes from me and suggested we meet at the local Chinese restaurant, which was 3 blocks from my apartment. He had been there several times he said and knew it quite well. At first I hesitated as I didn’t know this man at all, but my female friend online at the same time convinced me ‘don’t be so conservative! It’s ONLY dinner!” So I asked him for a pic. He said he had no pic, but he was 5 ft. 10; had black hair and brown eyes and ‘looked Mediterranean’. I asked him what he meant by that. He couldn’t or wouldn’t answer me.

I told her that this bothered me as my picture was right on my profile. She said I was being ‘superficial’ and I had always said I wasn’t superficial. I reiterated to her I wasn’t – I was just being cautious. She said I was being silly as it was ‘only dinner’.

I finally said yes and hopped in the shower and got ready. It was a nice spring night so I walked the 3 blocks down to the restaurant getting there before him. I went in and sat in the lobby and waited.

A black man came in with a redheaded woman with a small interracial child. I thought nothing of it. Next in came a black man by himself. I thought – ‘this can’t be him’ and then he said, “Are you Connie?” I said, “yes”. It was him alright! There was nothing Mediterranean about him – he was an Afro-American. I am not a prejudiced person, but I am Caucasian and I am not attracted to black men. I can be friends with black people and have been, but to date one is another matter. The fact is this man LIED! He would NOT say he was black and this bothered me. It wouldn’t have mattered if he were anything else either – a lie is a lie.

He then kept asking me if I wanted a drink – he finally asked if I would like to share a ‘Scorpion bowl’ with him. I told him no. It was obvious he was trying to ply me with liquor. I wasn’t allowing it. He kept staring at me telling me ‘oh my God, you are SOOOOO white and SOOOOO blond! You are gorgeous!’ I replied with a nervous ‘thank you’. I felt as though he were looking for a trophy and not a person. I was totally turned off by his lie and his behavior. I would have left had the owner not seated us immediately. I quickly wolfed down the quickest thing I could order; stood up; stuck out my hand and said, “thanks for dinner and goodnight.”

He THEN insisted that he drive me home – his black Cadillac was right outside. I said no thanks. He hopped in his car and followed me down the street. I ducked between two apartment buildings in an alley. He drove by. I knew he had to go a long way to turn around and by that time I would be home. I nervously looked around – saw that the coast was clear – ran up the next one way street the wrong way for cars and ran in the back of my apartment building never to see him again. I locked the door behind me and put him on ignore.

So ladies, if your first instinct is this guy is hiding something, you can bet he is. If you feel you shouldn’t go out with a guy, don’t. Your friends may THINK they are helping you overcome your caution and have more fun, but in this case I was right and she was wrong. Go with YOUR instinct and never – EVER date a man with no pic

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