Life on the Ponderosa?

I started talking to this guy online. He was older, from another state, but he did business in my state. He told me how his wife left him, took his son (who he hadn’t seen in 18 years) and he’s been miserable since. He sent me picture of him and his ranch and his home. We talked on the phone all the time and when he’d come into town, I’d pick him up at a small airport close to my home. His friend was a pilot and he financed the friends small air-transport business. He’d come into town a couple times a month to check on things.

We discussed me going out to his state to live. He’d tell me how his ranch needed a woman’s touch. Then he disappeared for months. He didn’t answer his phones and I was worried something awful happened.

I eventually found him, living just miles from my home with a wife and family! But it didn’t stop there. He told me how he wanted to leave his wife, but he couldn’t. She was too fragile from the loss of their son who died of leukemia.

But I guess she wasn’t all that fragile, he’s now married to some woman who has a ranch where he told me he lived to begin with.

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