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I’ve heard so many stories over the years of people meeting a member of the opposite sex online, then meeting them in person and it being a total disaster. Well I’m proof that it CAN work out.

I met David in a chat room that we both frequented and we got on really well, Then I heard that he’d started seeing a girl from the States that we both knew and I was happy for the both of them. A month and a half later she dumped him and started seeing a guy David and I both knew, which hurt David badly. He disappeared from the chat rooms and nobody saw anything of him for Months. Then one day, chatting in my usual room and David appeared. We got talking again and exchanged MSN addresses. After that we talked all the time and he eventually got over his bad break – up.

As time went on, I realized I had feelings for him, and finally worked up the courage one night to tell him. The rest is History. I left the UK and flew to Canada to visit him for 4 weeks, then flew to Ireland to stay with a friend there, But 6 weeks later I was back in Canada, to live with David and we haven’t looked back since. Sure we had teething problems where David’s mom and I didn’t see eye to eye but we! didn’t let it change anything between us. We’re as happy as ever and our wedding is being planned for the 23rd July 2005. So long as you take precautions and you DO know this person, it CAN work. We’re living Proof of that.

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