Getting Caught Watchin’ Submarine Races

After all the dates from hell there was FINALLY one who I will call pure of heart…

We met on a popular online dating service. The odd thing about it was that I had cancelled my membership to it 7 MONTHS earlier and was not being charged for it yet he saw my profile and was able to respond to me!!

He was from the next town from me – five minutes from my apartment.

He is sweet; very caring; considerate; sensitive; and generous.

I was just coming off a breakup which had devastated me so I was in no frame of mind to consider this one anything other than a friend and perhaps I felt he would never be anything else. I almost didn’t go out with him but my best friend Susan encouraged me to go out to dinner with him “it’s only dinner”.

At dinner, he kept looking me in the eyes and it was obvious he liked what he saw. I was comfortable with him but certainly wasn’t enamored with him. It was unfair of me to compare him to my previous boyfriend who had been like fireworks with me – there was such magic you have no idea. This was more like a comfy pair of sneakers you didn’t throw out because they felt good.

We went for a ride in his Jeep after dinner and he took me to a deserted dead end street overlooking sand dunes. He was a gentleman and we talked and kissed but nothing passionate or intense. He asked if he could ‘hold me’ in the back of his Jeep – that he had two pillows back there and that he would behave himself. He did and we did.

Well we were snuggling for perhaps three minutes when a flashlight was flashed into his Jeep. It was a local policeman! He asked if everyone was okay in there but told us to move along because it was ‘after 11’. We told him we would and he left. We laugh about that now. Here we are in our late 40s and we were snuggling like two teenagers in the back of a Jeep!

We’ve been dating off and on for over a year now and we’ve had a great many dates and fun. He loves me very much and I love him. We have our issues and who knows where this will lead if anywhere, but we’re okay with our friendship and I’m continuing to look and he doesn’t mind.

Yes we have an odd relationship, but we are best of friends and he’s there for me. That’s more than I can say for the rest.

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