Drew and His Negative Disposition

I hadn’t been chatting with Drew for too long, when I figured out that I really liked him. He made me laugh. Soon afterwards we progressed to phone calls. His work required him to stay up, because of working nights. We would stay up on his nights off and talk….. into the wee hours of the morning. We even had some mutual friends, a woman named Anita, who was recently married to a friend of Drew’s. She was a recent friend of mine, but a childhood friend of Drew’s. All this seemed fine, though I’d heard reports that Anita\’s husband wasn’t happy with often Drew came over to visit her. This all seemed fine though. Drew is quite a distance from me, so we had to make do with seeing each other for a couple of days a week. But things progressed rather nicely. I was rather infatuated. Looking back I can’t tell why. I haven’t let other guys get by with 1/2 the things Drew did.

For example, on our 3rd or 4th date he brought a huge tub of dirty laundry for me to do for him. Which I did. This lead to a habit. One time, he showed up in a ragged holed t-shirt, and as I hugged him when he was coming in the door, he shoved me slightly and handed me his laundry bag, and inquired when I’d be getting busy with his laundry. He hadn’t been to visit for one week, because he was sick. He saved up his laundry for me to do over that span of time.

He would balk at taking me to a fast food place, but he didn’t mind going out for Sushi which he knows I’m not fond of. In fact he’d spend $45 on himself for sushi, and $7 on my order. The same theory in spending happened when we were at a different fast food place. He told me he didn’t have the money to buy mine. Which was alright, I bought my own. He ordered one of the most expensive things on the menu. I ordered a cheaper sandwich. When he saw that he told me he could’ve gotten that for me. So, he’d have bought mine as long as it was many times less expensive than his.

In fact it was Drew himself who told me he didn’t know why a person should bathe. His theory was that you should change clothes without showering, because your clothes got dirty, but you shouldn’t need to shower.

I would step out of the room for a minute and he’d be sound asleep. Now mind you, he works nights. He’s used to staying up. We would plan to watch a movie, and he’d be half asleep. I call it half asleep because it’s one of the strangest things I’ve seen. He’d talk in a fast pace, about odd things. I couldn’t talk back to him, because he’d just keep ranting on, in a half dream like state. The best I could do is encourage him to sleep.

I could fill a book with how many strange things happened, and with the spiritual darkness surrounding Drew and his crew. But I think one of the things that really did it was his close connection to our mutual, and married friend, Anita. I found out that days before the wedding, she asked him not to come to the wedding because he got angry at her for her saying how much she loved her fiance. I also found out that he had said very negative things about her to her husband, right before they got married. She would call and message him when we were out on dates together, and he’d answer her. In fact I was performing in a dance troupe, I had really wanted him to be there to watch me. I had to beg him to be there. I turned around and he wasn’t there! I found out that the now pregnant Anita had called and he’d left, so he could talk to her. In fact Anita’s own father seems to feel that her child isn’t hers and her husband’s, but rather her’s and Drew’s.

I broke up with after he’d come to my town, out with his sister, who was someone I had really wanted to meet. Perhaps that sounds trivial, but keep in mind, he lives a large distance away, and I would’ve thought that he’d have made the effort to see me as long as he was in town. I had made a huge effort to see him when I was further away. I really thought we had a future together. But I’ve been fooled before.

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