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Tips about how Critical Is Zodiac in Getting a Husband?

Dating and astrology are already so very long and intensely intertwined that "Hey baby, what is your zodiac sign?" has earned a suspicious distinction among the most popular pick-up lines of all time. Specifically to the extent that it could be a interaction starter, actually does astrology really be a factor in establishing long lasting relationships? And while we quit pondering, "How do I find a … [Read more...]

Long Distance ‘Hook-ups’ – Book an Open Return!

She was an attractive woman in her late 30s. She'd commented on a few of my blogs and I had replied thanking her for her comments. I enjoyed her responses because she was one who would at times take issue with something that I had written. It was refreshing as most people will not comment if they disagree. Opposing points of view often allows one to see things in a different light and possibly … [Read more...]

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Your picture is probably the most important part of your profile. It is the first thing someone will notice. So you should make it the best that it can be! Here's 10 tips to keep in mind: Choose a recent picture that is clear and shows a nice, happy you. No fuzzy pictures, then people can't really see who you are! Along those lines, don't put any special effects on your photo with an editing … [Read more...]

E-mail Response – Getting started

So, you've found a profile that strikes your fancy and you'd like to make more than Eye Contact. How do you start an e-mail to someone new? How much information do you include? How can you increase the reply rate? These are all good questions - and easily answered. Greeting: Address your e-mail with the member's Online Name. What caught your eye? Was it their smile in the photo, the voice … [Read more...]

Be Different – Acronyms and emoticons

We all know that FYI means For Your Information; but what about LOL or GTSY? And, most of us know that # is another way to write the word pound; but do you know another way to communicate a smile? Online communications has spawned a new library of acronyms and symbols, also known as emoticons to spice-up everyday correspondence. Below are some popular online acronyms and emotions: LOL = … [Read more...]

Small Talk 101 – The art of conversation

True, some people are born with the gift of gab. Others need a little coaching. Allow us to help you find your voice: Read the paper.  Not front to back, just keep up on current events. When you know what's going on in the world and in your neighborhood, it's easier to find common ground. Even if you know just a little bit on a subject, it may open the door to other topics. Compliment the … [Read more...]

Dating Alternatives – More than dinner and a movie

There are plenty of creative things to do and places to go for a memorable date. Below are a few of our favorites: A picnic in the park - bring the dog! An afternoon showing of a new play A carnival or fair An outdoor music festival Sports, such as tennis, bowling, golf, skiing Browsing at a bookstore Coffee at a cybercafe Paint-your-own pottery store Comedy club … [Read more...]

The Fine Art of Flirting – Yes, you can

Flirting is pretty easy - if you know how. There are few, but very important components to this fine art. Compliment: Pick something you genuinely like about them - anything - and tell them. For example, "That's a great tie - where did you buy it?" Ask the question, but truly listen to the answer. Look the person in the eyes and show them you are interested in what they have to say. Then, … [Read more...]

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