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Death of a Date by Chili Cheese Burrito

I consider myself pretty wise about the pitfalls of online dating, but this guy took the cake, or should I say the burrito... I had been talking to a guy for several weeks and no red flags had been raised during our lengthy chat sessions or phone calls. We made plans to finally meet, he offered to drive to my town since he lived over an hour away. He wanted to take me to dinner and a movie. He … [Read more...]

Hurricane Handy Cam

I met this guy on a popular internet dating site and I agreed to go on a date with him. He said that his cousin knew of a great Spanish place in the city, so that is where we went. He offered to pick me up and I relented, since I am not really a fan of driving into the city, let alone in the Village. We went to this place called Zuma bar, or something like that on Ave A. The place was really nice, … [Read more...]

Does Your Cold Sore Have an Evil Twin?

He wrote to me first, a rarity in online dating, where I find most men who write to me are awful. His name was Edward and he seemed pretty normal which means I could check all the boxes – job as an international economist, divorced, one seven year-old and shared custody. He talked a lot but after being married to a narcissist and brought up by one, I have learned to tune them out. He had long … [Read more...]

The Creepy Cigarette Voyeur

I worked at a cigarette store in California, we had some strange people come in but sometimes we would get ones that were normal... so I thought. A regular customer of mine had been asking me out for months and he seemed nice enough so finally I gave in. We had originally 'met' online right when I started working at the cigarette store. I was always cautious so I decided to meet him instead of … [Read more...]

Ex, ex and more exes

This may well qualify as the oddest internet story, bedsides the college girl who was flirting with “Big Daddy”, who turned out to be her own Dad, finding this out as she goes to a hotel room to meet the guy for the first time. Talk about Family issues! Anyway… To capsulate, I had been married for 12 years to a man that thought fidelity had something to do with insurance. The last … [Read more...]

‘Cheeky’ First Date

I had been talking to a guy that I had met online and we had traded pictures. I thought he was really hot and he told me I was too. So he lived about two hours away so after about one year of talking, he decided that we should finally meet. I thought it was safe enough, so I told him a restaurant in my downtown area to meet me at the next night. So that night I got ready, (it took me a total … [Read more...]

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