Cyber Stalkers

Some people just don't know when to back off!

The Creepy Cigarette Voyeur

I worked at a cigarette store in California, we had some strange people come in but sometimes we would get ones that were normal... so I thought. A regular customer of mine had been asking me out for months and he seemed nice enough so finally I gave in. We had originally 'met' online right when I started working at the cigarette store. I was always cautious so I decided to meet him instead of … [Read more...]

Scary Dude with Green Teeth

I spoke to a man I'll call Joe for a month daily online and we spoke on the phone a few times as well. One night he said since he was coming up to my area on the train to see our local baseball team with a few of his male friends, he would like to meet me and we could go to the game and out to dinner afterwards. He asked me to drive over and meet him at the train station and said his friends were … [Read more...]

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