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Tips about how Critical Is Zodiac in Getting a Husband?

Dating and astrology are already so very long and intensely intertwined that "Hey baby, what is your zodiac sign?" has earned a suspicious distinction among the most popular pick-up lines of all time. Specifically to the extent that it could be a interaction starter, actually does astrology really be a factor in establishing long lasting relationships? And while we quit pondering, "How do I find a … [Read more...]

I Didn’t Know Our Submission Form Could Handle so Much Text!

(These ramblings add to our content, but not very interesting.) What an ugly fate for such a sweet dream. A shame that I had to kiss this one good-bye. Oh, for a while, I'll have to live with its Hell. She seemed like a breath of fresh air. I should have seen it coming when she brushed off that first compliment. What part hurts the worst of all? I saw it way too late. Something was eaten deeper … [Read more...]

Getting Caught Watchin’ Submarine Races

After all the dates from hell there was FINALLY one who I will call pure of heart... We met on a popular online dating service. The odd thing about it was that I had cancelled my membership to it 7 MONTHS earlier and was not being charged for it yet he saw my profile and was able to respond to me!! He was from the next town from me - five minutes from my apartment. He is sweet; very … [Read more...]

Give Us an Update in a Couple Years :)

I've heard so many stories over the years of people meeting a member of the opposite sex online, then meeting them in person and it being a total disaster. Well I'm proof that it CAN work out. I met David in a chat room that we both frequented and we got on really well, Then I heard that he'd started seeing a girl from the States that we both knew and I was happy for the both of them. A month … [Read more...]

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