Ridiculous Rendezvous

Guess these folks didn't pick the 'ideal' place to meet. And sometimes even hooking up with a person you've never met can be a challenge.

“Death of a Date by Chili Cheese Burrito” now a MOVIE on YouTube!

Thank you to FAKE ID Productions for making a video based on the Internet Dating Tales story, Death of a Date by Chili Cheese Burrito -- it's hilarious! Watch "FUNNY DATES - The Burrito Eater" now! I understand more videos based on our stories are in the works, so stay tuned! … [Read more...]

Death of a Date by Chili Cheese Burrito

I consider myself pretty wise about the pitfalls of online dating, but this guy took the cake, or should I say the burrito... I had been talking to a guy for several weeks and no red flags had been raised during our lengthy chat sessions or phone calls. We made plans to finally meet, he offered to drive to my town since he lived over an hour away. He wanted to take me to dinner and a movie. He … [Read more...]

The Story of Vladicus from the Days of Old

I should point out that this happened a very long time ago, 1997. This was back when the internet was much younger. This was the day of free dating sites and IM services that allowed location searches, before companies got wise to the dating revenue lost out by people using ICQ, Yahoo, etc. Anyhow, I was on IRC chatting around, when I ran across this person named "Vladicus." We were both in North … [Read more...]

Does Your Cold Sore Have an Evil Twin?

He wrote to me first, a rarity in online dating, where I find most men who write to me are awful. His name was Edward and he seemed pretty normal which means I could check all the boxes – job as an international economist, divorced, one seven year-old and shared custody. He talked a lot but after being married to a narcissist and brought up by one, I have learned to tune them out. He had long … [Read more...]

Surprise Package

On the swing side of things, I am someone’s best night ever, and I didn’t even sleep with him. It was right after my divorce, during that wild 3 month time that you do incredibly stupid things in the name of freedom. My friend and I wanted to go out one night and one guy I had been chatting with online named Frank said he would be happy to drive us. I have to put in here, that I was 33 at … [Read more...]

God has a message for you

A girl I met recently share this with me... She was waiting at the Starbucks to meet a guy named Christian. She suddenly realized that she was at the wrong Starbucks, and raced up the street to the other Starbucks. She was about 30 minutes late so she just started going up to all the guys in the Starbucks saying “Are you Christian? Are you Christian?” Later, she realized why all the guys … [Read more...]

Use it or lose it!

I met a nice guy off the net, we had a few drinks and arranged to meet the following week. He came to my home and sat on the sofa, I was getting ready to go out with him and all of a sudden he pulled out a huge box of Viagra, said it was coming up to its sell by date and would I mind terribly? … [Read more...]

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