Their picture or how they described themselves did not match the real person.

Does Your Mother Know You’re in a Bar?

Last January, I made the resolution to get out there and snag myself a boyfriend. Since January is freezing, I decided this would best be done on my couch with the help of online dating. I signed on to JDate with hope and was excited to see my options... 5’3, 5’5, and 5’nothing. Has no one heard of growth hormones? I am 5’2, so the height bar isn’t exactly high. Just as I was trying to … [Read more...]

Tiny Tim..

I actually met my husband through online dating, and we have been together for nearly 4 years now. But before him, I would surf the net and frequent dating sites, just to see what the scene was like. Well, I connected with this guy. We'll call him "Tim". He seemed great, we had a lot in common, and pretty much hit it off. I described myself to him, and my dating site profile actually had … [Read more...]

The Story of Vladicus from the Days of Old

I should point out that this happened a very long time ago, 1997. This was back when the internet was much younger. This was the day of free dating sites and IM services that allowed location searches, before companies got wise to the dating revenue lost out by people using ICQ, Yahoo, etc. Anyhow, I was on IRC chatting around, when I ran across this person named "Vladicus." We were both in North … [Read more...]

Calendar Guy

I went on a date with a really handsome man who said he was a model. He told me he worked for clothing catalogues. He told me that he was going away to do a photo-shoot for the weekend, when he got back he asked me if I would like to see his work. He emailed me the photo-proofs, I nearly died, he was posing for a gay porn calendar, very naked indeed. I promptly dumped him and he emailed me saying … [Read more...]

I actually put my hand in my armpit, pulled it out and sniffed it

So I am a big girl. I am 5 ft 3 and weigh about 180. I do have an hourglass figure so the fat is pretty even distributed. But according to the height weight chats, I am about 6 inches shorter than I should be. Oh well. So I am searching the personals for guys who mark the “Body size” not important and avoid the “must be petite” ones. So I read this guys ad and he seems to have a good … [Read more...]

Camera Shy

Asked to send a photo, one guy sent me a photo of himself when he was 18 years old - winning some kind of fitness contest. He was in his forties and he told me he didn’t have any other photos to send me. … [Read more...]

450-Pound Casanova

I spoke to a guy on the net for over two months on a daily basis. He kept asking me out from the first time we talked but I told him it was too soon. I asked him if he had a pic and he e-mailed me one. He said he was 5 ft. 10; had dark hair and brown eyes and a moustache. The description matched the pic and I felt satisfied that he was the man in the pic. He said he was '10 to 15 lbs. … [Read more...]

Mediterranean = African American?

I had been talking to a man on the net for three hours one early evening and it was now 8 pm. He asked me if had eaten dinner yet and I said no. He was from a town 45 minutes from me and suggested we meet at the local Chinese restaurant, which was 3 blocks from my apartment. He had been there several times he said and knew it quite well. At first I hesitated as I didn't know this man at all, but … [Read more...]

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