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Our Story “Don’t Touch My Head” is Now a MOVIE on YouTube!

Thank you again to FAKE ID Productions for making another video based on the Internet Dating Tales story "Don't Touch My Head Ramblings". Watch "FUNNY DATES - The Head Grabber" now! Please be sure to give a 'thumbs up' when you watch the video and let the folks at FAKE ID Productions know that you like these videos and that they should keep 'em coming! … [Read more...]

Don’t Touch My Head Ramblings

And what is a public head toucher you may be wondering? Now I understand that your initial thought would be that it’s an individual that makes a point to touch you skull, like beneath hair, no light tapping, in public. But reason would lead you to believe that no one would do that because there is no way someone actually does that. That’s what I thought too until my skull was grabbed in a very … [Read more...]

Tiny Tim..

I actually met my husband through online dating, and we have been together for nearly 4 years now. But before him, I would surf the net and frequent dating sites, just to see what the scene was like. Well, I connected with this guy. We'll call him "Tim". He seemed great, we had a lot in common, and pretty much hit it off. I described myself to him, and my dating site profile actually had … [Read more...]

Does Your Cold Sore Have an Evil Twin?

He wrote to me first, a rarity in online dating, where I find most men who write to me are awful. His name was Edward and he seemed pretty normal which means I could check all the boxes – job as an international economist, divorced, one seven year-old and shared custody. He talked a lot but after being married to a narcissist and brought up by one, I have learned to tune them out. He had long … [Read more...]

Talk about the date from hell! This one took the cake!

I spoke to this man for a month on the net. We decided to go out the next Saturday for lunch. He lived 90 minutes north of me so it was quite a drive to my house. He showed up in a beat up red truck that looked like the one from "Sanford and Son". He got out and greeted me at the door. I was under whelmed. He was unkempt and his clothes were holey. He explained he'd drive but if he did, my … [Read more...]


I met a guy on line who was a comedian from a large Midwestern city. We chatted for several weeks on line and on the phone and got along fine. One day he encouraged me to get a web cam. I thought they were expensive, but he told me I could get one for $20, so I did. He had one as well. One day, while we were on the cams together, I got a phone call. I was still at my desk while I took the call … [Read more...]

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