Disappearing Acts

Read about some 'creative' ways to bug out early on a first date. Or surprised to hear from someone you thought dropped off the face of the earth?

Long Distance ‘Hook-ups’ – Book an Open Return!

She was an attractive woman in her late 30s. She'd commented on a few of my blogs and I had replied thanking her for her comments. I enjoyed her responses because she was one who would at times take issue with something that I had written. It was refreshing as most people will not comment if they disagree. Opposing points of view often allows one to see things in a different light and possibly … [Read more...]

Gomer Pyle Accosted by Barracuda

My ex and I divorced a few years ago. I moved out of our house, eventually into my own apartment. After the divorce and indeed throughout the split, I had my 2 daughters, ages 12 and 7 when the process started, every weekend. One Friday evening in June, four months after the divorce, I came home to my apartment to find my ex had dropped the girls off and they were sitting on the sofa looking … [Read more...]

Did We Just Have Sex?

I got a note from a man I had to written to once before on an online dating service and he had ignored me. His profile was literate with no misspelled words (a peeve of mine), and he read books (real books not pop authors with a formula like John Grisham or James Patterson). He looked like one of the favorite uncles from my childhood, so I answered. I'll begin my online dating story with some … [Read more...]

Rotting Teeth Trump Nice House

I met a guy on a dating website and we decided to meet and have dinner. He suggested I come to his place and I agreed because I thought it was safer than having him know where I live. We were supposed to go out to dinner from his place, but when I got there he offered me a drink and showed me around his house, which seemed harmless enough. Right away I noticed that he had a black spot on one of … [Read more...]

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