Bad Break-ups

So things didn't work's a shame, but what's worse was the way it was handled!

Does Your Cold Sore Have an Evil Twin?

He wrote to me first, a rarity in online dating, where I find most men who write to me are awful. His name was Edward and he seemed pretty normal which means I could check all the boxes – job as an international economist, divorced, one seven year-old and shared custody. He talked a lot but after being married to a narcissist and brought up by one, I have learned to tune them out. He had long … [Read more...]

“Monogamous Dater”

It started out innocently enough…I placed a personal ad, I met a guy who seemed real nice. I fell in love and we dated for over a year. Then one day I was pursing the ads for a friend, and discovered that his personal ad was active. It had been active the WHOLE time we were dating, even after we agreed to be monogamous. He claimed that it was carelessness, but admitted that he had received … [Read more...]

“Perfect Exterior”

We met online on a dating website, after talking online for a month we met. He was handsome, funny, smart and interesting. The first month was amazing, his friends loved me, he thought I was beautiful, and funny. Month 2 brought a 360 degree change in who he was. He stopped calling when he said he would, he stopped telling me I was beautiful, he stopped taking me out with his friends. I thought he … [Read more...]

No Home Phone Number – First Clue!!

I met ‘Max’ online in a neighboring state's romance chat room. We hit it off immediately and we began talking daily. He worked inconsistent hours as the manager of an Applebee's so we talked at different times. He gave me his cell phone and work # because those were easiest to contact him on. I was THRILLED when he finally asked me out for dinner. We went to my favorite Mexican cafe - he … [Read more...]

He was tall, dark and handsome…

I met 'Paul' on a popular dating site after having been a member for three months and not really being anywhere near finding someone I could connect with. I was about to leave the site when I noticed Paul had added my profile to his favourites. I wasn't sure at first, he seemed too good to be true but my friend encouraged me to add him to my favourites and then see what would happen. He emailed … [Read more...]

Move on dude!

I not sure where to begin. I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I'm 6'3" athletic lt. brown hair, blue eyes. The ladies in the office say I'm cute, smart, funny and wonder why I do not have a significant other. I met HER through work. At first everything was great. We clicked on so many levels. We became good friends, and eventually the L word was mutually mentioned by both parties. … [Read more...]

Drew and His Negative Disposition

I hadn't been chatting with Drew for too long, when I figured out that I really liked him. He made me laugh. Soon afterwards we progressed to phone calls. His work required him to stay up, because of working nights. We would stay up on his nights off and talk..... into the wee hours of the morning. We even had some mutual friends, a woman named Anita, who was recently married to a friend of … [Read more...]

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