I met a guy on line who was a comedian from a large Midwestern city. We chatted for several weeks on line and on the phone and got along fine. One day he encouraged me to get a web cam. I thought they were expensive, but he told me I could get one for $20, so I did. He had one as well.

One day, while we were on the cams together, I got a phone call. I was still at my desk while I took the call so I could see him while I talked. Evidently he forgot that he was on the cam because while I was slightly diverted (but not totally) he picked his nose…and ate it. I saw the whole thing. At first I thought it was a joke (he was a comedian, after all), and I even sent an instant message referring to it, but he ignored it. It was then that I realized that it was no joke. He simply forgot that he was on the cam and did what was natural to him…I was so repulsed that I never spoke to him again. He sent me several messages and e-mails and I never responded again. !

Finally he gave up and stopped contacting me.

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