A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Your picture is probably the most important part of your profile. It is the first thing someone will notice. So you should make it the best that it can be! Here’s 10 tips to keep in mind:

Choose a recent picture that is clear and shows a nice, happy you. No fuzzy pictures, then people can’t really see who you are! Along those lines, don’t put any special effects on your photo with an editing program, such as filmgrain or funky colors.

Make sure it is large enough to see your face. Pictures of a little tiny you in front of a huge ocean are nice, but not worthy of posting next to your profile. A nice close-up works much better.

Take a picture outside! Natural lighting is always the best.

And who is this profile about, you or your friends? Don’t choose a picture that has ten other people in it. The dating service probably won’t even post it. They know you should be the center of attention!

No porn… even soft porn. Keep your shirt on. Unless you have the abs of Britney Spears or Marky Mark — in which case put it right out there (though we it’s not going to get posted if you’re totally naked)!

We said abs LIKE Britney, that doesn’t mean to send a picture OF Britney. That doesn’t just stand for famous people — don’t send in a photo of your friend and pretend it is you. You will have to own up to it eventually, and that will save you embarrassment of having to show someone that you lied about your appearance.

Candid shots are always the best… while posed for pictures are nice and look professional, people want to see what you look like on a normal day.

We think your kids are as cute as you do, but please don’t send us pictures of them. Kinda follows the above “No friends” but there are special reasons why we won’t accept them.

No masks, Zorro.

The best picture you have can’t possibly be your wedding photo. Leave the past in the past, don’t use pictures with your ex’s.
With these things in mind, get to choosing your photo! And don’t delay, someone could be passing you by right this second!

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