‘Cheeky’ First Date

I had been talking to a guy that I had met online and we had traded pictures. I thought he was really hot and he told me I was too. So he lived about two hours away so after about one year of talking, he decided that we should finally meet. I thought it was safe enough, so I told him a restaurant in my downtown area to meet me at the next night.

So that night I got ready, (it took me a total of 4 hours!… I was very nervous!) I put on a little tight black mini-dress that I was sure he was going to like, and headed off to the restaurant. I walked in and I seen him in the waiting area right away. He gave me a big hug and told me I looked even better in person. I melted on that comment. I told him he did too.. because he was looking mighty fine!

Dinner went great! Great conversations, just like we had online. When we walked out of the restaurant, he goes, “Oh my gosh, your dress ripped!”. It turns out, I dropped my napkin when we first sat down, so I must have split a seam when I had reached for it. It was a long tear which exposed one of my butt cheeks!

He gave me his jacket, like a gentlemen, to wrap around me, and we went back to my place, where I changed. It was so embarrassing! But he didn’t seem to mind too much, because he moved right into my town and we are still dating and very much in love.

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